Our Quality Assurance (QA) Department is focused on ensuring that all the services we provide not only meet the minimum standards set forth by our contracts and funders, but that we are constantly reviewing our practices to make sure that every individual we serve gets the best possible care and the best possible outcome.


The core function of our QA department is to ensure that La Familia has ample and redundant quality assurance systems in place in all of its departments, which includes regular reviews of documentation and service provision.


Our QA team also provides training to staff on a variety of topics including: HIPAA and related regulations compliance, Medi-Cal Specialty Mental Health and Drug Medi-Cal Organized Deliver System documentation standards, Red Cross First Aid and Crisis Response, and ethical boundaries.


The department also updates, prepares, and implements policies and procedures related to these topics, including regular reminders to staff. The department also provides consultation and support to other departments as needed, including managers and line staff.


La Familia is committed to honoring the confidentiality and privacy of all of our consumers of health services; our privacy policy can be found here "Website Mental Health Privacy Policy".