MPTI Training Topics

Didactic Seminars

Our Practicum Students receive a robust training experience, specifically with our Didactic Seminars. We cover therapeutic topics in both a broad and deep manner that informs our clinicians to provide effective treatment with the clientele in our unique programs.

A list of topics we cover are as follows:

HIPAA Regulations & Medi-Cal Documentation: La Familia’s Quality Assurance team offers thorough instruction on legal/ethical laws and regulations regarding our client’s confidentiality and how to provide detailed assessment, treatment planning, and progress notes that meet Alameda County MediCal requirements.

Brief Strategic Family Therapy: Marcie Rubel, LCSW offers an in depth, four week seminar and bi-weekly case consultation for our clinicians who are providing services to children, teens, and families.

Motivational Interviewing: Our CPO, Carolynn Langsdale, Psy.D., provides a seminar detailing how to use Motivational Interviewing skills therapeutically with our clients in the Adult Outpatient Programs and in our Recovery and Wellness Program.

Trauma - 10 Week Series: Renea Lynn, PsyD teaches and collaborates with a large team of licensed mental health professionals to teach various topics regarding trauma including: the impact on one’s life, development, and  relationships, the physiological and neurological aspects of trauma, Generational transmission of trauma, self-care strategies, vicarious trauma, and treatment interventions. 

Diversity/Inclusion/Sensitivity/Humility/Anti-Racism: A team of various La Familia staff and mental health professionals with expertise in various topics train our interns in Restorative Justice, Gender & Sexual Identity, Inclusion, Cultural Humility, and Anti-racism. Additionally, included in all the seminars incorporates multicultural approach to the clinical work.

Attachment Patterns: Renea Lynn, PsyD provides a 5 week series on understanding Attachment patterns and teaching therapeutic interventions that lead individuals, dyads and families to earn secure bonds with themselves and their loved ones.

Additional Topics: Interspersed throughout the year our interns learn other therapeutic modalities, such as expressive arts therapy, ending therapy, career development, and self-care methods to effectively engage in clinical work. 



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