MPTI Supervision

The MPTI prides itself on providing consistent, high quality, and effective clinical supervision that - along with the clinical didactic training - contributes to a robust set of supports for each trainee.


All trainees will receive each of the types of supervision below:

  • Clinical Supervision:
    • Trainees meet weekly for one hour with their individual primary clinical supervisors that offer therapeutic guidance for the direct services provided by the practicum students. Our students are matched to their supervisors based on the supervisor’s credentials (PsyD, LCSW, LMFT) and the degree the students are earning in addition to expertise and experience in the specific services being completed y trainees in their program placement.  
  • Program/Documentation Supervision:
    • Trainees receive program/documentation supervision weekly. Program Supervisors train our practicum students on the programs policies and procedures, assign clients, and guide our clinicians in MediCal intakes, assessments, diagnosis and treatment planning. Program Supervisors may also require the students to participate in team meetings with the other staff members in the program for effective collaboration regarding our clientele. In as many cases as possible, the Clinical Supervisor and the Program Supervisor may be the same person, just providing different kinds of training and support to enhance trainees success.
  • Group Supervision/Consultation:
    • Trainees receive 1 ½ hours of weekly group supervision/consultation. Trainees have the opportunity to discuss their clinical work, offer peer and clinical support for one another, and receive professional consultation regarding their caseload. Trainees each complete two formal case consultation presentations during the year.
    • Trainees working in programs that focus on providing services to adults - ACCESS, Working Wellness, RTT, FESCO, and Adult SUD - are placed in the Adult Group Supervision with Ramon(a) Rio, LCSW. Our Practicum
    • Trainees providing services in programs focused on children or families - Children's Clinic, School-Based Behavioral Health, and Adolescent SUD programs - are placed in the Child & Family Group Supervision with Lili Joly-Gonzalez, LMFT.   

In addition, trainees providing services in Spanish have access to Spanish Speaking Group Supervision: Marcie Rubel, LCSW offers individual or group supervision in Spanish, so that the translation of therapeutic work is accurate and effective.

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