Marco A. Lozano, Psy.D.

Clinical Program Director for TEAM and ACCESS Programs 


is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist (PSY22401) and obtained his doctorate degree in clinical psychology in 2005 from John F. Kennedy University. His dissertation focused on the relationship between acculturation and parenting in Latino immigrant fathers. Dr. Lozano completed his postdoctoral hours at the La Familia Outpatient Program in 2006 and, upon completion of his postdoctoral hours, Dr. Lozano began working as staff therapist in the Outpatient Program. Dr.Lozano earned his psychology license in 2008 and has been supervising clinicians since 2009. In 2012, he became Clinical Director of the Outpatient Department. As Clinical Director, he oversees the work of both therapists and case managers who provide services to the community as well as ensuring the highest quality of services within his department. As a first generation Latino immigrant, Dr. Lozano has personal knowledge of the struggles of immigration and acculturation. His bicultural and bilingual skills have been a great asset in providing sensitive and responsive treatment to the Latino community.