La Familia's Project KEY Host 1st Session Graduations


During the month of April, La Familia’s project KEY hosted graduation ceremonies for La Familia’s first academy for young adults (youth 17+ who aren’t attending high school). The youth participants completed an 8 week career exploration program, during April 12-22.

Youth participants gained exposure to the fastest growing industries in the Alameda County: advanced manufacturing, construction, and health care. The program also held motivational and industry related talks and speeches. The program also featured Bay area artist Suga-T and technical staff from Tesla.

The students also had the opportunity to attend field trips to: Tri-Ced Community Recycling, The Maker’s space at the Hayward Center for Education and Careers, Cypress Mandela Training Center, Tiburcio Vasquez Health Center, Youth Job Fair (coordinated by Hayward Unified School District’s Youth Enrichment Services, Las Positas College, and Ohlone College.

The program has had a very positive impact on the youth. When asked what they would take away from the program, the youth answered that they would “stop having excuses locked and loaded” and that they would remember to “believe in myself and push myself, always”. In addition, the youth mentioned that they would be using the La Familia Career Exploration Model in the future. Furthermore, the students used the program to explore their personal next steps. The Participants will continue to work individually with the dedicated staff of La Familia to obtain a GED, build their work history, find internships, and register to community colleges.


The inaugural session of Project KEY was made possible by funding from the Alameda County Workforce Development board, the generosity of our speakers and site visit partners, and by all the creativity and dedication of the La Familia Education and Employment and Education staff members.


We are excited to announce that a summer session is scheduled to launch in mid- July. Young adults who are not enrolled in high school are welcome to apply by contacting Charmaine Ramos at 510-963-9328.





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