La Familia's Developmental Department Team Works With Congreso Familiar


On April 28, 2017, La Familia’s Development Department team participated in Congreso Familiar as volunteers for the annual conference! Congreso Familiar is an organization that is a collaboration of parents, professionals, and community agencies. The goal of Congreso Familiar is to provide education, information, and a sense of community to Spanish speaking families. Congreso Familiar holds an annual conference for Spanish speaking families who have children or family members with disabilities. Over a thousand people from different counties, mainly the San Francisco Bay, attend the conference. The conference promotes and develops leadership skills to families that have a child or family members with disabilities.



La Familia’s Developmental Department team members helped organize the conference and provided workshops about the services that children with disabilities are able to receive upon disabilities. The conference was such a successful event, since over 100 families attended the conference this year. La Familia is dedicated to provide inclusive, Latino community- based, multicultural services with a commitment to strengthening the emotional wellness of individuals and the preservation of families. Therefore, La Familia’s Developmental Department team will continue to collaborate, participate, and help families in the annual conferences. The Next Congreso Familiar conference is scheduled to be in held in Oakley and will take place in April 2018!




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