Halloween Fun


This past Halloween there was a team of Super Heroes who came to help give strength to those who needed it most in the La Familia's Outpatient Office. They encouraged all of the team members at La Familia's Outpatient office to do good for all in their family and community.  These great Super Heroes ran around the office giving strength and support to all in the office, along with some very yummy treats to the boys and girls who were willing to show their muscles of determination and happiness. 

To see all of the services offered by the Outpatient Team please visit their page or contact the front office (1-510-881-5921) for any and all questions you may have about these great services!  

Everyone here at La Familia hopes you had a fun and safe Halloween!

*Until next year our Super Heroes will be fighting for the betterment of humanity as "normal therapists".* 

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