Fremont Employment Headquarters

HTW_1.1.pngWe are excited to announce that La Familia will collaborate with the Fremont Youth Empowerment Academy (FYEA) to create a space specifically for Fremont’s youth population that will enhance programming towards the youth population. Also, La Familia will unite all employment programs.


The FYEA summer program purpose is to help at risk and probation youth develop with better decision making skills, health skills, life skills, and leadership development. Furthermore, the program offers summer employment and community service opportunities.


FYE and La Familia discussed using the space in Fremont at the Family Resource Center (FRC), that La Familia and FYEA reconstruct it to be used for programming in the summer. However, the space is scheduled to be demolished on May 15th. Currently, Highway to work, Project Key (WIOA), and Vocational English as a Second Language/Employment Services (VESL) are using the building.

HTW_2.1.pngHighway to work is La Familia's youth employment and education program that  provides youth with the opportunity to participate in developmental workshops,  work paid experiences, credit recovery assistance, and academic tutoring. The VESL program is a collaborative effort led by La Familia, the goal of the program is to help and increase employ-ability and self- sufficiency of the Alameda County Social Service Agency-Beneficiaries with limited English proficiency. Project key ( WIOA) is an 8 month group program education and career exploration program specifically for high school seniors who need extra support and encouragement to graduate. WIOA also provides students with resources and opportunities that will get the students jobs.


 For future success between the collaborations is crucial to have the right amount of space for each of the programs  Therefore, La Familia will create an employment/ case management center where all the employment programs can function out of, sometime in the near future.

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