Faces for the Future of Hayward


Established in 2007, the FACES for the Future at St. Rose Hospital program (FACES St. Rose), located in Hayward, CA, is a two-year program which motivates and prepares underrepresented youth for entry into careers in all areas of the health professions. Partnering with the Eden Area Regional Occupations Program in Hayward, FACES provides high school students with unique opportunities to learn from healthcare professionals in various hospital settings and explore career options in the health professions. Additionally, students benefit from academic enrichment opportunities, including individualized tutoring and college preparation activities, leadership training, and multi-faceted psychosocial support services, including one-on-one case management. The program also provides support to alumni by assisting them with job/internship placements, academic/career guidance and ongoing life coaching.

st_rose_hospital.pngFACES St. Rose reaches out to socio-economically, disadvantaged youth in Southern Alameda County who are at risk for dropping out of high school and who have been exposed to poverty, violence, family dysfunction, language and cultural barriers. Our proven leadership methods encourage students to meet their achievement goals beginning in high school. FACES St. Rose students are able to put “principals into practice” by becoming involved in community events throughout the county that promote healthy lifestyles and positive social change.

La Familia’s Cultura y Bienestar (CyB) program has been working with FACES for the Future at St. Rose Hospital program for the last five years, giving the students prevention and early intervention workshops and/or one to one support.

Every year we are invited and attend their annual graduation of their seniors, this year was no exception. 


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