Eden Health District Program - Wellness First

HCEC_Graduation.pngLa Familia and  Hayward Center for Education and Careers (HCEC)-Adult School have received three years of continual funding to expand mental health related services to provide culturally sensitive prevention and early intervention mental health services to those who are wanting to learn to speak English as a second language or receive their GED. Within the three years of the partnership between La Familia and Hayward Center for Education and Careers (HCEC)-Adult School have been able to go above and beyond meeting the outreach, education, consultation, and early intervention quotas required by the county to the ESL (English as a Second Language) population and TAY’s (Transitional Age Youths). The ability to serve such a diverse population is a challenge that is enjoyed by both the staff of La Familia and the Hayward Center for Education and Careers (HCEC)-Adult School. The most recent graduation of the GED program, assisted from La Familia staff, happened May 25, 2017 with close to 52 graduates. 

Graduates.pngLa Familia has worked closely in particular with the Spanish GED Coordinator/Instructor who has integrated mental health wellness workshops into his Spanish GED classes to provide support for their students. The instructor, whose graduating GED class has almost doubled from previous years, has credited the support received from La Familia as a combined effort to the successful graduation of 52 student’s. Due to the success and helpfulness of the La Familia staff with the program, he has asked that we continue to provide the same type of support and services for the upcoming Fall Semester of 2017. We look forward to the continuing partnership with the instructor personally and HCEC as an organization.

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