Dual Immersion 8th Grade Graduation at Junction K-8 in Livermore

Dual_Immersion_8th_Grade_Graduation_at_Junction_K-8_in_Livermore.jpgOn Friday May 26, Executive Director, Aaron Ortiz and, Youth Mental Health Educator, Stephanie Madrid were invited to be part of a panel for the graduates of the dual Immersion program at Junction K-8 in Livermore. The questions asked by the panel were in both English and Spanish so that the students could show their improvement from being in the dual immersion program for many years.

It was a very unique event to be a part of and La Familia was more than honored to be a part of the panel.​ Students were able to recognize the importance of being bilingual in the workforce and both Aaron and Stephanie served as examples of the benefits that bilingualism brings within the workforce and personal growth. The students are now off to high school with the hopes of continuing their interest in being bilingual. With these skills the students will be able to be more advanced than their peers in their coming high school Spanish courses.

La Familia was excited to be part of this amazing panel and to help promote  a bilingual lifestyle for these young students. We wish them best of luck in their future achievements. 

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