Adelante Hombre Ejemplar

Male_Involvement_2.jpgCultura y Bienestar in Tri-Valley had a drumming circle on Wednesday, May 31st at the Bess Platt site of CAPE in Livermore, where 60+ men participated along with their children.  The drumming circle was led by Arturo Carrillo.  The drumming circle is to help Latino men and their children focus on their well-being as father and son, as well as help to build a stronger bond between father and child. The families who participated were from two different CAPE locations.  The children greatly enjoyed having their male role models with them as they drummed, danced and sang traditional songs together. Male involvement within the Latino community could be seen as nontraditional, but the idea behind this drumming circle was to help abolish that thought process.

Male_Involvement_1.jpgAll male role models such as dads, uncles, grandpas, and big brothers we welcome to join this drum circle with their children or mentors in toe. As Ruth E. Renkel said, “Sometimes the poorest man leaves his children the richest inheritance; His Example”. This statement couldn’t have been truer during this fun and energetic activity for all involved. 

Adelante hombre ejemplar,

siempre al frente para guiar,

para que puedas alumbrar

el camino de tus hijos.

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