Developmental Department Director on Univision

univision__1.pngIn order to honor “National Development Disabilities Awareness Month”, Edda Banuelos- La Familia Developmental Disabilities Director and Elvia Osorio – RCEB Associate Director were interviewed by Kira Vilanova from Univision’s Spanish language morning news: Despierta Área de la Bahía. The purpose of the interview was to inform the Latino community in the Bay Area about the resources available that assist family members with developmental disabilities provided by La Familia and the Regional centers.

The Regional Center is a private, Non- Profit Corporation established in 1976 and is under contract with the California Department of Developmental services. The Regional Center works in partnership with other organizations to coordinate, plan, and support individuals with developmental disabilities.  There are three Regional Centers located in the Bay Area: Golden Gate Regional Center (San Francisco), San Andreas Regional Center (San Jose) and Regional Center of the East Bay (San Leandro). 

Since 1977, La Familia Counseling has been a delegated agency of the Regional Center Eastbay contracted to provide specialized services to individuals with developmental disabilities. La Familia Counseling is currently the only Latino community- Based organization in partnership with the California Department of Developmental Services Regional Centers. La Familia Counseling has bicultural and bilingual case management and staff members that are able to provide outstanding culturally competent services  that accommodate the needs of each patient.  La Familia’s case management and staff advocate and serve to improve the quality of life for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families.

Univision is a Spanish broadcast television network that provides news, entertainment, and other programs of interest in Spanish. Its aim is to inform and educate the Latino community.  Univision is currently the number one Spanish language broadcast network with 106 million average monthly consumer views ( Univision, 2017).  In order to continue informing the Latino community about these services Edda Banuelos will keep in contact with Kira Vilanova for future interviews. 


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