2017 Summer Camp

Summer_Camp_1.pngLa Familia’s Cultura y Bienestar (CyB) and Youth and Family Opportunity (YFO) programs have been providing an annual Summer Camp for youth ages 5-10 years, since 2011. This was created in order to ensure that all children had a safe place to do safe educationally interactive activities during some of their summer weeks while school was out.

This year we held a camp for only two weeks (due to staff shortage), despite the shortened time of camp we had 57 youths with 18 student volunteers. 

Summer_Camp_2.pngAside from making summer camp fun, the CYB and YFO teams strive to make summer camp educational. For the last three years, the teams bring in community partners who have provided arts and crafts, murals, drumming, yoga/meditation, science, sports, and for the last three years geographic mapping.  The last two years the teams have incorporated a Color Run, which kids enjoy running around several stations to get dry paint thrown in the air as they run by.

In addition, the team partners with the Free Breakfast Program through HUSD and becomes a site where free lunch not just for camp members, but also any community youths under the age of 18, who are in need of a free lunch.

CYB and YFO end the Summer Camp at the Cannery Water Park (located next to Burbank Elementary) where several activities and prizes are given to the youth for achieving success during the program and then end it at the water park. Summer_Camp_3.png

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