Puerto Rico and Mexico Disaster Relief

La Familia, as a founding member of UnidosUS (formerly NCLR), has always supported Latino communities through research, policy, and local, state and national advocacy efforts, as well as in our programs throughout Alameda County and the greater San Francisco Bay Area. In light of the tragic earthquake disaster in Mexico leaving hundreds dead, and the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico, we are working statewide and nationally to raise money for immediate relief and support of policies that aid Mexico and 3.4 million Puerto Rican US citizens so that they can not only recover but improve their conditions.

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Latino Mental Heath Movement Event

Come join in on the festivities for the 3rd Annual Latino Mental Health Movement Event on October 12, 2017. This event is sure to be fun and exciting for all who join. There will be traditional dances and speeches about the well-being of the Latino population, as well as, motivational speeches from prominent Latino advocates and Business owners. There will be keynote speeches from Mary Hogden, POCC Manager, Khatera Asalami-Tamplen, Consumer Empowerment Manager, Gilberto Romero, Mental health Advocate, David Vliet, CEO Tiburcio, Aaron Ortiz, CEO La Familia and other Consumer Advocates. There will be food, traditional dances, and music, plus information on mental health. 

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Justice Restoration Project

DA.jpgLa Familia has been chosen to help spearhead a new project in collaboration with the Alameda County District Attorney's Office; the program will try to reduce recidivism among young adults who have been incarcerated and chosen among their peers as a viable candidate for this program. This program will be lead by a group of individuals who have had similar experiences as well as education to help these young people receive the education and support that they need to re-enter civilian life in a positive manner. Below is the statement released by the Alameda County District Attorney, Nancy O'Malley on September 22nd, 2017: 

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2017 Summer Camp

Summer_Camp_1.pngLa Familia’s Cultura y Bienestar (CyB) and Youth and Family Opportunity (YFO) programs have been providing an annual Summer Camp for youth ages 5-10 years, since 2011. This was created in order to ensure that all children had a safe place to do safe educationally interactive activities during some of their summer weeks while school was out.

This year we held a camp for only two weeks (due to staff shortage), despite the shortened time of camp we had 57 youths with 18 student volunteers. 

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Parent Recognition Night

Parent_Recognition_Night.pngHayward Unified School District (HUSD), in partnership with La Familia, provides HUSD parents and guardians with the opportunity to develop leadership and advocacy skills while supporting parent engagement and the academic success of HUSD students.  

The Parent Ambassador program helps to increase the district’s capacity to build a community of leaders that support outreach to parents and families, refers and links youth and their families in the HUSD program to health services and other school site programs and resources.

The Ambassadors are a representative body that acts as a liaison between the district and the parent community with an overall goal of supporting the educational success of all students and promoting parent voice.

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Ashland Cherryland Together for Resident Voice

Residential_Survey.jpgPartner Spotlight:

Ashland Cherryland Together Part of Organizing Effort for Resident Voice in the Eden Area:

Residents of Alameda County’s Eden Area are working tirelessly to have a stronger voice in their government. Ashland Cherryland Together (ACT), a community collaborative supported by La Familia staff, along with the Ashland Community Association and other community groups have been supporting residents in advocacy for the establishment of an Eden Municipal Advisory Council (EMAC), a five-person resident council that would have the formal authority to make recommendations to the Alameda County Board of Supervisors. The Unincorporated Eden Area refers to the Ashland, Cherrlyand, San Lorenzo, and Hayward Acres - places that aren’t cities and don’t have majors or city council members to speak for their needs. 

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Hayward PSA


On June 6, 2017 our Executive Director, Aaron Ortiz, spoke at a meeting for the City Council of Hayward, CA. On that day, the City of Hayward representatives and community members were discussing the adoption of a resolution declare Hayward a "Sanctuary City".  By doing this, the City of Hayward would be sending a message to its residents that all of the city’s population were valued and protected, regardless of immigration status.

Mr. Ortiz, spoke at the City Council meeting to explain the dramatic and wide-ranging benefits of becoming a "Sanctuary City". He stressed the importance that our local government protect their citizens regardless of immigration status, in order to reduce stressors, mental health impact of immigration stress, and reinforce trust among community members. He also reminded those present that a large population of the younger generation of undocumented immigrants come here as young children and wish to start the process to become United States citizen within the Hayward City and Alameda County. With such a large number of young people - and many soon-to-be voters - Mr. Ortiz helped to impress upon the Board of the City Council is that these young people are the future voters and possible supports of the City Council members. 

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Recuperando Nuestra Dignidad

Recuperando_nuestra_dignidad_1.jpgConferencia Informativa de Inmigración y Bienestar: 

Cultura y Bienestar (CYB), an outreach program within La Familia, had their annual Immigration and Wellness Conference “Recuprando Nuestra Dignidad” (Recovering our Dignity) on Saturday, April 29th, 2017 at Junction K-8 School |298 Junction Avenue, Livermore, CA 94551

This conference was designed to help educate our Spanish speaking community on their rights with Immigration Forums, workshops on mental health (coping skills) through art, sound and breathing.  The conference was led by Lupita Barattino La Familia's Mental Health Adult Educator, with the collaboration of many community leaders from Livermore Public Library, CAPE, Junction, St. Michael’s Church, St. Bartholomew Church, Our Savior Lutheran Church, The Art of Living, Cornerstone Church, and the promotoras from CYB.

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Adelante Hombre Ejemplar

Male_Involvement_2.jpgCultura y Bienestar in Tri-Valley had a drumming circle on Wednesday, May 31st at the Bess Platt site of CAPE in Livermore, where 60+ men participated along with their children.  The drumming circle was led by Arturo Carrillo.  The drumming circle is to help Latino men and their children focus on their well-being as father and son, as well as help to build a stronger bond between father and child. The families who participated were from two different CAPE locations.  The children greatly enjoyed having their male role models with them as they drummed, danced and sang traditional songs together. Male involvement within the Latino community could be seen as nontraditional, but the idea behind this drumming circle was to help abolish that thought process.

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Summer Giveaway Guidelines

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