Behavioral Health Care Services

The Outpatient Program has 3 main programs: TEAM, ACCESS AND EPSDT

Adult Programs

  • TEAM – Level I Services
  • ACCESS (Acute Crisis Care & Evaluation for System-Wide Services)

Children, Adolescent, and Family Services

  • EPSDT (Early Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, & Treatment)

ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) Evidence Based Practice Model

*WRAP Group

Outpatient services

  • Case Management
  • Mental Health
  • Medication Support
  • Crisis Intervention

Community supports

Individual Rehabilitation

Strengths-Focus, ACT (Assertive Community Treatment) Modified, IPS Model  

Recovery & Wellness Services

  • SUD (Substance Use Disorder)
  • Mujeres Con Esperanza: Program for women who are pregnant, postpartum, are parenting, or adult woman seeking SUD treatment
  • Men’s Latino Family Services: is a multicultural SUD program for Adult men, with services in both English and Spanish
  • El Chante: is a 20 bed residential Alcohol and drug treatment program for adult men
  • Primavera: is an adolescent treatment program for youth between the ages 12 and 18 years

Education & Employment Department

East Bay Community Services

  • Highway to Work - AC SASYEP: Alameda County Summer & After School Youth Employment & Education Program): Tri-Valley, Tri-Cities, Castro Valley
  • Career Readiness Program: Tri-Valley, Tri-Cities Areas
  • Career Pathway Program: County-wide
  • District Attorney’s Justice Academy: Eden, Tri-Valley, Tri-Cities
  • ACT: Drug Free Communities/Ashland Cherryland Together

Health & Wellness Department

  • Hayward Promise Neighborhood Program
  • Cultura y Bienestar (Mental Health Prevention & Early Intervention):
  • Central & Eastern Region
  • Youth & Family Opportunity

Developmental Department

Provide Services in Alameda and Contra Costa County


Adult Employment Department

Employment Services and Vocational English as a Second Language


New Program

School-Based Behavioral Health

Unaccompanied Immigrant Youth